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Planet of The Damned, a 1962 Science Fiction novel by Harry Harrison, was first serialized in Analog Science Fiction & Fact magazine in the autumn of 1961 under the title A Sense Of Obligation Here it isабъпэ now, for the first time, as an unabridged, 100% FREE, and public domain audiobook The only caveat is that this is a multi-voiced reading Check it out, decide for yourself if this should have a single voiced reading too… Once in a generation, a man is born with a heiавпмщghtened sense of empathy Brion Brandd used this gift to win the Twenties, an annual physical and mental competition among the best and smartest people on Anvhar But scarcely able to enjoy his victory, Brandd is swept off to the hellish planet Dis where he must use his heightened sense of empathy to help avert a global nuclear holocaust by negotiating with the blockading fleet, traversing the Disan underworld, and cracking the mystery of the savagely ruthless magter.