Аудиокниги, большая база.

Marlow sits at the Thames River in the evening with several other people and begins telling the story about how he entered into the dark continent out of nowhere Marlow expressed a desire to go to Africa to абъреhis Aunt who got him a position as a captain of a steamboat of an ivory company The previous captain Freslaven died in a scuffle with the natives and Marlow took his place A few days later, Marlow travels to Africa and gets to the first station Marlow continues downавпмы the river on his steamboat with a crew of several whites and about 20 to 30 blacks As he travels down the river, he comes across this shack where he picks up wood, and a note cautioning him to travel carefully He continues down the river and becomes surrounded by savages in the fog Marlow is frightened but the savages don’t do anything until the fog rises The savages attack and Marlows men fire back The arrows of the savages have little effect on Marlow’s men or his boat Kurавцъсtz is very ill and needs to be taken back to England, but he does not want to go In fact, he is the one who ordered the attack on the steamboat so that they couldn’t take him back to England Kurtz is worshipped by the natives and completely exploits them Kurtz tries to escape to the natives but Marlow catches him and takes him back to the steamboat head back for England While still on the river, Kurtz dies saying, “The horror, the horror”.