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For more than a decade, Douglas Adams had been promising to deliver a novel entitled The Salmon of Doubt Originally billed as the third Dirk Gently novel, in recent years, rumors began circulating that Adamsабъсы was turning the book into a sixth Hitchhiker's novel Long known for his preternatural ability to procrastinate, Adams died on 11 May 2001 before he could finish even the first draft of the book The most recent of Adams's long-suffering editors culled through numerouавпнлs hard drives to recreate as much of the novel (eleven chapters) as Adams had written Since this hardly is the making of a complete book, the editor added two of Adams's short stories and several autobiographical essays to the mix to produce a collection, with the long-awaited novel's title, which provides insight into Adams's life and concerns he first section contains numerous interviews and essays in which Adams talks about his own experiencesThe second section of the book contaавцътins essays Adams wrote about causes he was concerned aboutThe final section of the book contains notes on the as yet unmade Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie, two short stories and the novel fragment.