Аудиокниги, большая база.
Жанр:криминальный роман

It is a tale of two brothers, Fletcher and Nat Cartwright, who are born twins but are separated at birth by the nurse The two boys go on to grow up successfully, with Fletcher attending Yale and becoming a sабычгuccessful lawyer, and Nat serving in Vietnam and becoming a currency banker However, their paths cross when they both decide to run for governor of Connecticut and Fletcher agrees to defend Nat on the charge of murdering his primary opponent for leaking information thавргьat lead to the suicide of his only child At a later stage Nat gave his blood to Fletcher to save his life from a severe accident; and in the hospital they discover the fact that they are twins Knowing all this, they both still run for governor of Connecticut in 1992 On election day, after several rounds of counting the votes the result is still tied The winner was ultimately appointed by the toss of a coin.