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Жанр:Economics / Экономика

In this course you'll learn to understand how and why macroeconomic forces move the stock market Through careful illustration of modern techniques for successful stock picking, Professor Peter Navarro will tабэвцeach you how to manage your money and risk to maximize gains and minimize losses The three main lesson objectives of this course are to illustrate why a big picture view is essential to profiting in the stock market, to examine some of the most common mistakes investoаврыьrs make, and to be able to talk frankly about the commitment, resourсes and temperament you will need to succeed Professor Navarro shares his own experiences as he gives you examples of microwave logic, including analysis of the affect of war, earthquakes, and personal computers He teachs you how to find and analyze corporate earnings statements in light of events in the newspapers and on television You'll learn a bit about the history of the stock market and how we can learn from авчдлthe past He speaks about the questions on everyone's mind, encluding Enron, 9/11, and the current situation in the Middle East Professor Navarro offers you the most important advice you'll ever need for making your dollar count.

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