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When first confronted by John Shooter, famous novelist Mort Rainey sees him as nothing more than an avid, albeit slightly eccentric, fan However, Shooter's accusation of plagiarism and his overbearing attituабювтde of malevolence send Rainey scattering to prove his innocence As Rainey's evidence disappears, his sanity and safety go along with it, and soon he is approaching a reckoning with the determined Shooter Besides a few audible page turns, James Woods offers a compelliавсмяng reading, eliciting the stress and anxiety building up in Rainey as he comes unraveled There's a slightly whiny pitch to Woods's voice that also makes him a good match for Rainey This 1991 recording (of a novella taken from King's Four Past Midnight) is making its belated debut on CD after 17 years, and throughout .