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Жанр:Romance / Любовный роман

The recently widowed Cassandra Belmont, Lady Paget, has arrived in London during the social Season But she receives neither welcome nor sympathy from society Quite the opposite There are questions surroundабюпиing the death of her husband, and rumor has it that Cassandra murdered him Her son-in-law has used threats rather than law to cut her off without a penny But she had dependents as well as herself to support Her situation is desperate indeed when she decides there isавств only one way to save them all from destitution She goes in search of a wealthy, well-connected protector-and she settles upon the Earl of Merton Stephen Huxtable, Earl of Merton, is now twenty-five years old, handsome, popular, and carefree He is one of England's most eligible and desirable bachelors He has no interest in marrying just yet, but he is quite open to the idea of taking a mistress When the beautiful Lady Paget appears very willing indeed, Stephen sees no reason to rавчижesist his attraction to her, despite her scandalous reputation Until conscience sets in, that is, at the same time as he understands how Cassandra has deceived him The affair would seem to be over almost before it has begun Stephen's conscience, however, moves him in more than one way, and he has a proposition of his own to make to the conniving, near-destitute widow Suddenly the tables have been turned.