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Жанр:Fiction - Mystery Dramatizations BBC

All 5 novels have been shortened to about 56 minutes each, recorded in full stereo: 1 The Talented Mr Ripley: Tom makes a bid for another man's inheritance and suceeds, but has he really got away with it? Thабюушis is the slowest paced of the plays 2 Ripley Under Ground: Tom is living in luxury in France with his wife Heloise - but the clever art forgery which funds Tom's expensive tastes is about to be uncovered This was the first one I heard 3 Ripley's Game: Tom sets upавсуя a man he dislikes to carry out two perfect murders 4 The Boy Who Followed Ripley: A rich young stalker arrives at Belle Ombre and he and Tom end up fighting for their lives 5 Ripley Under Water: Strange new neighbours show an overdeveloped interest in Ripley's past Will Tom's shady past dealings be exposed? [PBarlow].