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Жанр:Romance / Любовный роман

Villette begins with its famously passive and secretive protagonist, Lucy Snowe, age 14, observing her godmother, Mrs Bretton, Mrs Bretton's son, Graham, and a young visitor, Paulina Home, known to everyoneабюэз as "Polly" The child is a peculiar little thing and soon develops a deep devotion for the older Graham, who showers her with attention until her stay is cut short when her father comes to take her away In the ensuing years, an unspecified family tragedy foавсъдrces Lucy into action, causing her to seek employment, and at age 23 she boards a ship for "Labassecour" (French for 'farmyard' and based on Belgium) despite not speaking a word of French on a hope that maybe she may find something in a new place After arriving in the capital city of Villette, Lucy finds work as a teacher at Mme Beck's boarding school for girls (which can be seen as a literary representation of the Hégers' Brussels pensionnat), and thrives despiteавчйд Mme Beck's constant surveillance of the students and staff.