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The first authoritative and compulsively readable history of the rise of this legendary banking dynasty In his rich and nuanced portrait of the remark- able, elusive Rothschild family, Oxford scholar and bestабяаеselling author Niall Ferguson uncovers the secrets behind the family's phenomenal economic success He reveals for the first time the details of the family's vast political network, which gave it access to and influence over many of the greatest statesmen of the age Aавсыэnd he tells a family saga, tracing the importance of family unity and the profound role of Judaism in the lives of a dynasty that rose from the confines of the Frankfurt ghetto and later used its influence to assist oppressed Jews throughout Europe A definitive work of impeccable scholarship with a thoroughly engaging narrative, The House of Rothschild is a biography of the rarest kind, in which mysterious and fascinating historical figures finally spring to life "A great biogrавчйтaphy" --Time magazine "Absorbing Their enthralling story has been told before, but never in such authoritative detail" --The New York Times Book Review "Niall Ferguson's rich and compelling new book is a feast" --The Wall Street Journal * Chosen by Business Week as one of the Best Business Books of 1998 * A finalist for the National Jewish Book Award Enjoy this great book! .